6th Circuit Solicitors Office

Worthless Checks

Worthless Check Unit

To criminally prosecute a bad check, South Carolina law states a check must be deposited within 10 days of receipt, the check cannot be postdated, the vendor did not have an agreement to hold the check and a warrant must be obtain within 180 days from the date the check was received.

To participate in the Worthless Check Program:

·Victim submits check for collection

·Checks must be received in Lancaster, Chester or Fairfield County.

·Submit a completed Worthless Check Worksheet

The Solicitor’s Check Unit will handle all legal requirements of collection on a worthless check for the victim.  

The Check Unit performs the following services for the victim,  Free of charge:

·Mails all correspondence

·Collects restitution, service fees and all other fines and assessments

·Disburses restitution and service fees to the victims

If restitution is not made pursuant to the requirements of the program, the Check Unit will:

·Prepare an arrest warrant

·Notify the victim when the warrant is ready for Signature

·Prosecute the check writer to the fullest extent of the law



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Terrie Frost
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