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Alcohol Education Program

A program for first time offenders who commit certain alcohol related crimes.  The purpose is to discourage underage drinking and to educate eligible participants as to the potential person, social, and legal risks of alcohol use.

Did you know:

South Carolina Underage Drinking Facts (2005 self reporting study person under 21 years of age)

71%  had at least 1 alcoholic drink

26%  had their first sip before age 13

42%  had a least 1 drink in the past 30 days

24%  had 5+ drinks in a row in the past 30 days

6%  had at least 1 drink on school property in the past 30 days.

*** 12.2%  of all alcohol sold in SC in 2005 was consumed by underage drinkers ***


In order to be considered for acceptance into the AEP Program an individual must meet the following criteria:

1. The offender must be between the ages of 17 and 20.

2. The offender must not have a significant criminal history.

3. The offender has been charged with:

      a.  Possession of beer or wine by a person under 21.

      b.  Possession of alcoholic liquor

            under the age of 21.

      c.  Open container

      d.  Disorderly conduct

       e.  Falsification of age to purchase beer or wine.

       f.   Unlawful purchase of beer or wine for a person who cannot legally buy

       g.  Transfer of beer or wine for under-age person’s consumption.

       h.  Possession of altered drivers’ license or other false document-ation.

       i.   Any other offense similar in nature and severity to the above
           describedoffenses, as determined by the Circuit Solicitor.


Application/Orientation - Offender will bring ticket, picture ID, social security card, and the program fee of $250.00 cash or money order. An interview will be conducted, as well as an orientation of the program.

Investigation– A SLED report and a driving history will be conducted and the Magistrate/Judge will be notified upon acceptance.

Participation– Offender will be required to complete 8 hours of Alcohol Education Sessions and complete assigned homework.  Education class fees are approximately $100.00 payable to the counselor.  Applicant will choose to perform 15 hours community Service. Applicant will also complete Alive @ 25 ($35.00) through the National Safety Council.

Terms and requirements are subject to change without notice


· Referrals for the program may be made by Magistrates, Municipal judges, Law Enforcement, or the person who received the ticket/charge.

· All money paid to the AEP Program must be in the form of cash or a money order.

· The program is expected to last 60 days from time of application/orientation.

· The offender must pay the fee for an Expungement order which will clear the record as if he/she were never arrested.

· Offenders are only eligible to participate in AEP one time.




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