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Traffic Education Program

The Traffic Education Program was established in South Carolina to educate the driver while giving him/her the opportunity to have eligible tickets dismissed and keep a clean driving record.

Procedure for Local Participants

1. The Summary Court or Municipal Court Judge will give the participants instructions to apply.

2. Orientation Requirements:

       > two separate money orders made payable to TEP in the amount of $140.00 each (a total of $280.00)

      >  drivers license or picture ID

      >  Social Security card

      >  out of state driving record

A South Carolina driving record will be obtained by the TEP administrator prior to orientation to assure the driver DOES NOT have a significant prior driving record.  

Each participant will be given dates and deadlines for completing community service and a defensive driving education class during orientation.



1. No significant prior driving record

2. Ticket must be a point violation

3. Violation must be 4 points or less

4. Client has not participated in TEP before.


1. Complete 4 hours of community service for a non-profit organization.

2. Attend or complete a 4 hour defensive driving education class ($35.00 fee).  


Upon successful completion of community service and the defensive driving class, the court will be notified to dismiss the ticket referred.  Should the participant unsuccessfully complete the program, The ticket will be referred back to court.  He/she will be notified of a new court date by mail.

Program Length

The participant must complete the program within 120 days from orientation.

Terms and requirements are subject to change without notice.



Get in touch

Participants can make application to the TEP Program by mail.  Please contact:

Contact Information

For Chester and Fairfield Counties:

Terrie P. Frost, Director
P. O. Box 607, 140 Main Street
Chester, South Carolina 29706

Phone: (803) 377-1141
Fax: (803) 581-2242

For Lancaster County:

Julie S. Small, Assistant

P. O. Box 607, 104 North Main Street
Lancaster, South Carolina 29721

Phone: (803) 416-9367
Fax:  (855) 971-3168