6th Circuit Solicitors Office


Pre-Trial Intervention

1. PTI is designed for 1st time offenders of non-violent crimes.

2. PTI consists of education, counseling, community service, drug testing, and other requirements that the participant must complete.

3. Successful completion allows for the arrest record to be destroyed.

4. The goal of our program is to give 1st time offenders a second chance.

5. Offenders may only participate in PT‍‍‍I one time.

DUI charges are NOT eligible for PTI.

Terms and requirements are subject to change without notice.


The PTI Act of 1980 states that PTI shall be appropriate where,

1. Justice will be served by placing the offender in an intervention program.

2. The needs of the offender and state can be better met outside the traditional criminal justice process.

3. The offender poses no threat to the community.

4. The offender is unlikely to be involved in further criminal activity.

5. The offender is likely to respond quickly to rehabilitative treatment.

6. The offender has no significant prior criminal history.


· PTI will clear the charge as if you were never arrested.

· If you are charged with a crime that may include forfeiting your license, then PTI will enable you to keep your license as long as you complete the program.

· PTI requirements are to be completed within 3 to 12 months of the orientation date.

· PTI participants, if required to attend, will pay for counseling.



1. Application– the offender will bring in their warrant or ticket, picture ID, social security card and a $100.00 application fee in the form of cash or money order.  An interview will be conducted at that time.

2. Investigation– The PTI staff will contact all parties involved in the case for recommendations and run a SLED report.

3. Approval– The Solicitor will make the final decision as to the admission to the program.  If accepted, the case will be scheduled for orientation.  If rejected, the case will be returned to court for prosecution.

4. Orientation– The offender will pay the $250.00 participation fee and will be given the requirements for completion. If terminated for failure to comply with program requirements, the case will be returned to court for prosecution.

5. Dismissal– Upon successful completion, the participant will be eligible for an Expungement Order.  The order must be requested through the intervention office and will be prepared once the $250.00 administrative fee ( money order only) is received.  A $35.00 money order is also required for filing with the Clerk of Court.


Get in touch

To schedule an appointment to apply, please call:

Chester - (803) 377-1141
Fairfield - (803) 712-1735
Lancaster - (803) 416-9367

Contact Information

Terrie Frost, PTI Director

P. O. Box 728
140 Main Street
Chester, South Carolina 29706

Phone: (803) 377-1141
Fax:  (803) 581-2242

P. O. Box 1085
115 S. Congress Street
Winnsboro, South Carolina 29180

Phone:  (803) 712-1735
Fax: (803) 712-1267‍‍‍

Julie S. Small, PTI Assistant

P. O. Box 607
104 North Main Street
Lancaster, South Carolina 29721

Phone:  (803) 416-9367
Fax:  (855) 971-3168‍‍‍